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CSS Beautifier, as the name implies, is a tool that is used to beautify your CSS instructions. CSS Code Beautifier is a magic tool that many developers use in order to help them beautify minified CSS code so that it is easy to understand

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About Online Css Beautify – Code Beautifier tool:

CSS Beautify tool is a free and online service tool that reformats and organizes CSS code to make it more readable and aesthetically pleasing for developers. css beautifier online existing CSS code, which might be minified or written in a compact manner, and applies formatting rules to make it easier for humans to understand.  With the help of css code formatter enter dirty CSS code, minified CSS code to beautify, prettify, format and make it more readable for humans.  


Feature of Online Css Beautify – Code Beautifier tool:

Here are the key features and purposes of a CSS Beautify tool.

    • Code formatting:

Free and online tool for CSS code formatting.

    • Indentation:

They add proper indentation to CSS rules, declarations, and selectors.

    • Line Breaks: 

CSS Beautify online tools insert line breaks to separate different CSS rules, making it easier to distinguish one rule from another.

    • Whitespace:

With the help of online beautify tool remove unnecessary whitespace, such extra space, line break from your CSS code.   


How to use free Online Css Beautify – Code Beautifier tool:

    • Go to this page  you are right now.

    • Copy-paste your CSS code string.

    • You can upload the CSS code file.

    • Click on the “Maxify” button.

    • Now you can copy or download the CSS code or file.